My Wee Tribe

from by ill Papa Giraffe

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pounds and pence inconsequential/musical excellence essential/
hence torrential eloquence shall/drench and drown the stench you mention/
tension flowing momentum meant/the minimum in an invention went
/to cynical gentlemen ascent/to pinnacle of your comprehension leant
/a while atop of the pile/inimical smile
/the clinical trials of similar volatile element styles/has entered the relevant files
/methodical its clear/phenomenon in an anarchic sphere
/appears to peers anomaly/here’s the homily/fear you wanna be insincere
/and again I mean/any enemy /many men I meet
/when their meant to beat me then I’ve been
/in on an immanent enema scene/anemone venom and then I’m ’a send ‘em
/the proof they lack/say man your fractured tactics wack
/this isn’t a manufactured fact/you dissident listen and act
/you’re missing the truth intact
/I kick it to try to stick it to my competitor/better to picket pernickety dick
/at particular rickety bits/I fly quick at a lickety split pace/
its too slow for some peoples taste/still im striking the mic and not for greed
/liking more speed less haste
/I wasted the chance to net a degree/I dance advance a debtor to free
/finances ransomed/fettered the answer/better to flee red-letter debris
/I get at a glance/upset at the stance/of an unemancipated space cadet at expanse/
of hate we face and yet it enhance/the rate I lace this
/sweat at the shite days/a difficult journey learn the right ways
/blaze a mythical burning furnace turn us into light rays
/might gaze as night hazes mazes that invite praises
/drop hot bombs at black lantern music dot com/got tight phrases/

my dynamic amicable trouble free wee tribe/and I've been imbibing their vibe/my dynamic amicable trouble free wee tribe/and I've been imbibing their vibe…


from ill Papa Giraffe, released February 24, 2013




ill Papa Giraffe Edinburgh, UK

Ill Papa Giraffe are a new and unique voice in hip hop, coming straight out of Edinburgh. Consisting of producer Konnsky, rapper Tickle and DJ Symatic, the album also features some epic live guitar laid down by Sandy Galloway.

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