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she was perfect till we reshaped her
she cries has old father time run out on mother nature
6 billion kids can't dry her tears with all the forests paper
big business might have held her down but everybody raped her

yeah we've all got problems maybe natures mental health is fucked?
she's cast us up in self disgust, to help her self destruct
she's passed the buck, and through a Gaia suicide
see every single tiny fragment of her precious wealth is plucked
squandered on and on we never stop
to ponder long upon the future, what'll happen when its gone? the drop
is what I’m calling the drop needed a name
after the drop and all the falling, life won't be the same
cast and plot can't continue without scenery and stage
and we're pretty shit at dialogue, failure to engage
in gauging have we reached and passed
the point of no return with no concern?
have we peaked? has half the oil been wholly burned?
they say to me to wait and see cos their on top of it
I smell a proper crock of shit, it's blatantly the opposite
the drop'll hit and topple everything down we've never been down
so low earth goddess only knows endeavouring now
to erase craze many many ways anybody else at the end of days blaze j's?
glaze when I’m in a haze my phrase sprays venom and it says
are you ready for the drop? what? ready or not
I’m saying everybody stop rock steady in shock
your gonna go mad grab what ever you've got-
a gun and running for the hills chop sever the knot
and its a knot that’s Gordian I’m ordering this audience
to draw your swords and saw the cord
before the end of all there is or drop....

the drop will fuck with the seasons
winter’s hot but should have been freezing
got to get a stop cut chopped up trees
and where are the bees? and what is the reason
us thus, wont be pleasing
no joke when you’re choking, sneezing
plus dust in your throat you’re wheezing
try telling folk but they wont believe


from ill Papa Giraffe, released February 24, 2013




ill Papa Giraffe Edinburgh, UK

Ill Papa Giraffe are a new and unique voice in hip hop, coming straight out of Edinburgh. Consisting of producer Konnsky, rapper Tickle and DJ Symatic, the album also features some epic live guitar laid down by Sandy Galloway.

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